A World Of Difference

Some writers have one story at a time going through their heads. They focus on that particular idea and produce a manuscript within a few months or even a few weeks. The first draft anyway. That’s pretty cool. That’s efficient. Productive.


I thought I was like that but I am not. Yikes.

The thing is I am the kind of writer with ten ideas going through his mind at a time. Every idea has its own story, its own universe, its own purpose. And more often than not,

I am pulled in each direction with equal force which sometimes means I am frozen in place.

Well, which idea do I go with? After all, I need to be efficient and use my time wisely so I can produce a manuscript that will get attention. Right?

That mindset is kind of fucked. I am all about mindset these days it seems. It’s funny to think that the way you think about something can alter your approach so much. I used to think I had to be very careful with which idea to go with as I didn’t want to miss the boat of what would be the next thing publishers want to look at. Wouldn’t it be fucking awful to produce a manuscript and be told, “Hey, you should’ve submitted this last year, we were all over this shit. Now, we moved on to [insert current trend].”

Missing Out
I missed out?!

It used to be a fear that governed what I wrote. Or rather, which idea I would follow. And maybe that’s why I ended up procrastinating a lot. Even though the idea did interest me, there was probably another one simmering away in my mind that spoke to me much more in that moment.

But hey, I don’t wanna miss the proverbial boat so I’ll just keep that appealing idea on the back burner and focus on what I think publishers want me to write.

Now, I have changed my mindset on this stuff. I know what it’s like to write something that speaks to you in the moment. That idea that makes you get up at 5 in the morning and hit the keyboard like there’s no tomorrow. And I also know what it’s like to hang on to an idea that isn’t really clicking just because you think that’s the one to follow. There’s a world of difference between them. Yes, those two ideas mean something to me, but one should definitely be left cooking in the oven a bit longer. Forcing something to work does not mean it is going to work.

Why won’t you work?!

This is why I am listening to my gut a bit more. The current idea I have is probably a bit out there but I want to follow it. I want to explore what it means and figure it out. That’s exciting. That’s what makes writing so exciting to me. When you, the author, are genuinely excited to discover where the story takes you.

Hopefully you can also create that magical connection which makes readers dive without reserve into your book.

I have many ideas in my head and I can’t write them all at once. I’m not that multi-task efficient. I can produce videos and write at the same time, but writing several manuscripts at once? Nope. That I cannot do. I cannot just have one idea at a time in my head and I cannot write all of the ideas at once. It’s a messy situation but now it is an interesting mess to play with. Because listening to my gut feeling makes the sorting out of ideas more fun.

Worth living

It’s all about how you see things. It truly makes a world of difference.


2 thoughts on “A World Of Difference

  1. Love this post, and it’s so true. Always really hard to focus on more than one MS at a time. I know some authors juggle several at once, and I can’t do it: I need to just be immersed in the one fictional world and fully let that story happen.

    Can’t wait to see what this next manuscript is all about …

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