Silence That Voice

Van Gogh Quote

I saw that quote recently and fell in love with it. It is such a great way to look at writing. I know the quote talks about painting but you can adapt it to anything creative really. Writing can be such a daunting task on its own but it’s even worse when you start comparing your work to other published authors.

Don’t Go There. Just Don’t.

I do that all the fucking time. Like, honestly, I know very well that comparing yourself to others is a black hole from which you might never come out of. It has frozen me in the past, it has haunted me, beaten me to a bloody pulp and left me for dead. Almost. But man, that is not where you want to be.

Beaten Up
Comparing Myself To Others

I mean, sure, it is bound to happen that when you read a novel, you might think, ‘Holy shit! How did that even come to him?’ I often do that when I read a Stephen King novel. The man never ceases to amaze me with his choice of words, description or plot. There’s a reason why he’s my idol in the writing world. But then I often fall prey to the inevitable, ‘I’ll never be like him. I suck.’

Yep. Horrible thought that can cause an avalanche effect and bury me alive. 

But, don’t worry, there’s a positive outlook incoming.

What I Aim To Do When All Seems Lost

I did survive all these thoughts. I did get back up on my feet and hobbled over to the writing desk. Why? Because it is in my fucking blood to write. It is who I am. As a whole, I am a creative being. I never stop creating. It can be overwhelming but it is who I am.

Writing is where I feel free and where there is no limit to what I can do.

So, it does not matter that sometimes I doubt my talent, my skill, but it does matter when I allow dark unreasonable thoughts take over. I feel those feelings but then carve them into a ball and kick it away from me. Fuck you dark thoughts!

I am a writer and I will bloody fucking write! You just watch!

I get fired up. I get passionate. Because if I am not going to be passionate and fired up about something as important as this, then life will be a miserable time on earth. Writing. Creating. It brings me utter joy and even though it is hard work, it makes me happy.

blog 002 - fire
What I Like To Imagine When I Fire Up! ^^

So! To those dark thoughts, to that voice that often speaks up against me? I say this: I will silence you. I will silence you by writing. You will never stop me.

I am a writer. That’s that.



4 thoughts on “Silence That Voice

  1. Writing really is the one thing I do where I feel like I shouldn’t be doing anything else. So even when I’m crippled by self doubt, or licking my wounds from some critical feedback, I know that I just have to get up and push through, and ultimately I feel so much better for it. Always keep writing x

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